Expect The Best In Key West Fishing Charters

Key West is well known for its World class fishing opportunities. The captains who run the fishing charters in the Florida Keys are among the very best in the whole World. Whether you’re looking for back country fishing, fishing the flats or open ocean fishing for big game fish you can pretty much count on finding what you’re looking for in Key West.

You can book any number of Key West fishing charters, most of them at any time of year. If you’re really looking for that all out fishing experience then you might consider booking more than one charter. You can fish the flats for bonefish and tarpon. You can fish the reefs for grouper, jack and blue fish. If you’re willing to be patient and you’re looking for the ultimate thrill you might opt for open ocean big game fishing. You can catch tuna and wahoo which get as big as 200 pounds and are great to eat or you can go for the gusto and try hooking into a two hundred pound sailfish or even a thousand pound sword fish or blue marlin.

If you’re fishing the flats in the Florida Keys you can expect to readily find bonefish. Be sure to book a charter with an experienced captain though. The flats have been fished out pretty badly. Any place that’s easy to get to is sure to be pretty badly fished out. You’ve gotta know where to go. Fish for bonefish early in the morning or at dusk. They stay real close to the shore. If you hook one expect him to run your reel to smoke a time or two.

You can catch a big tarpon in the flats, especially during the Spring and Summer. You can go fly fishing and catch a two hundred and fifty pound tarpon with a fly. They’ll also bite on shrimp, mullet or pinfish. The smaller tarpon hang close to the bank but the big ones prefer to stay out in the deeper waters of the flats.

Occasionally you may luck into a permit. This is a member of the jack family. He’s pretty rare and is most easily caught on crab pattern flies but they’ll bite on shrimp too. If you catch a permit in the flats consider yourself lucky.

You can fish any of the many reefs and ship wrecks in the Keys. The reefs are a great place to go to catch plenty of fish for food. Grouper, though not exactly a thrill to catch get very big (a goliath grouper can weigh a thousand pounds) and they’re very tasty. You can catch blue fish which deliver great action and are very tasty, or mahi mahi which is also a great tasting fish. Jacks and bonita are also plentiful on the reefs.

The most exciting of the Key West fishing charters are the charters for really big game, you’re gonna have go brave the great wide blue; the open ocean. Marlin are the most prized game fish in the World. They’re beautiful and huge, weighing up to eighteen hundred pounds for a blue marlin. They can swim almost seventy miles per hour. Sword fish aren’t far behind. They also can weigh up to and over a thousand pounds. Sailfish are generally smaller, weighing around 250 pounds but they’re really beautiful. If you’re looking for a fish to mount on your wall, go for a sailfish.